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Vintage Budweiser Cooler

This vintage budweiser cooler with original tools and a few used cases is a great deal. Get it at a low price and enjoy a classic beer from the 50s.

Vintage Coors Cooler

If you're looking for a stylish and functional beer cooler, vintage coors is the perfect choice. It's easy to set up and use, and it has a number of uses including for holding beer and snacks while you drink.

Metal Beer Coolers

This metal beer cooler has a handle which makes it easy to carry around. The cooler also has a sawyer justicebottledwater reservoir. This reservoir is perfect for pour over beers. The beer coolers have a slightly sour smell, but it is also easy to clean. this vintage budweiser cooler 1940s-5through-10 years ago is a perfect addition to your carey house room. The metal itself is in good condition and isert still cool to the touch. The pages are condition before like new. This cooler was made from heavy duty metal levin material. It is a good opportunity to own a piece of history and a good investment! this coolarer is made of heavy metal and made to protect your beer can by blocking heat from coming into contact with your beer. The design features a budweiser logo and a cool blue and white color scheme. This coolarer is a great addition to any room or space and is sure to keep your beer can cold and protected. this vintage budweiser cooler is a perfect addition to your budweiser experience. This cooler is made of metal and is located within the lid of the beer bottle. This cooler is otherwise in great condition and is a perfect addition to your budweiser experience.