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Vector Travel Cooler

The vector travel cooler is a cool and cozy cooler made of durable materials that will make you feel right at home. This cooler will keep your chilled items warm and cozy. Plus, it has a great feature of temperature control that lets you know how much cooler or warmer your item is.

Vector Travel Cooler And Warmer

Looking for a cool and comfortable vector travel cooler and warmer? Look no further than our cool vector travel coolers and warmers! Our coolers and warmers are the perfect amount of warmth and coolness for any environment or travel destination. Whether you’re travelling on a cold winter day or you’ll be in the cold weather kurrently, we've got the perfect coolers and warmers for you!

Vector Travel Cooler Walmart

This is a vector travel cooler and warmer. It is made of plastic and has a blue and yellow color. It is perfect for travelling. the vector travel cooler is perfect for the summer. It is a lightweight, portable cooler that can be attached to a top or side of your jacket to keep your food and beverage cold while you are on the go. The vec221 engine provides 12 volts of power so you can run your cooler on power alone, or run it with the help of a battery to make it even more powerful. the vector travel cooler is a temperature control tool that uses vector's own come-togethers thermoelectricity and an 12 volt dc input to produce a warm and inviting atmosphere. The cooler's 14 can capacity means that anyone can take use of it, and the 12 volt dc input means that it can be used with a/c power or full battery. The cooler also features a bright light and a comfortable handle for easy use. this cool cooler is perfect for yourvector travel needs! It is fanless and has a modern look, making it good for small spaces. The cooler has two thermostats to keep your cooling system running at its best, and an integrated, programmable keypad. Plus, its intuitive interface makes it easy to use.