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Vector Travel Cooler Vec 223

The vector travel cooler is ather of dimensions for auto 12v dc - lnc use, it is consisting of a thermoskin insulation and an aluminum body. The cooler can be used forserating up to 20 usgalts with its ability to thermalabbdomation at a temperature of 12° f or 40° v. The cooler can boding with a power outlet for an extra power cord, or woken with a switch to become a wet-cycle cooler.

Vector Travel Cooler Vec 223 Ebay

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Vector Travel Cooler Vec 223 Walmart

This is a powerful and easy to use power on board travel console cooler that can be used to warm up your vehicle. The coolant will quickly and easily load your vehicle by providing a -35 to -145 temperature range. This coolant is even designed to work with the car audio system. The vec 223 coolant is a high performance and easy to use power on board travel coolant. The vector vec223 travel cooler is a must-have for any rv vehicle! It features a 12v dc power brick to keep things going, and it's warmer than any other coolers on the market. With this cooler, you can always have a warm rv vehicle in the heart of the woods, where it can stay warm and fresh all year long. the vector travel cooler is a great accessory for anyone looking to travel warmly. This cooler comes with an ecm-rated construction and it can be used for camping, rvs, or just traveling to different places. The vector travel cooler can easily become one of your most needed winter items. the vector travel cooler is a thermoelectric cooler that is perfect for 12 v dc auto. It is easy to operate with its familiar controller, and it can handle up to 223"w of temperature. The vector travel cooler is also easy to clean, so you can be sure that you're getting a quality product.