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Ultra Cool Oil Cooler

This hayden transaver ultra-cool automatic transmission oil cooler is perfect for keeping your oil cool and cold. This cool oil cooler comes with a 1404 temperature alarm, so you can be sure to have your oil at a temperature that is best for your car. The cooler also features a automatic shut-off, so you can be sure that your oil is always at the perfect temperature.

Ultracool Oil Cooler Kit - Chrome - Below Regulator Mount RF-1SS

Ultracool Oil Cooler Kit -

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Harley Davidson ULTRA COOL OIL



UltraCool DY-1F Flat Black Oil Cooler Kit 99-17 Harley-Davidson Dyna FXD & FXDWG
UltraCool RF-1F Flat Black Oil Cooler Kit 99-08 Harley-Davidson Touring Bagger
2011 Harley Touring FLTRX Road Glide Ultra Cool Oil Cooler Retrofit Set 6955150

2011 Harley Touring FLTRX Road

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Light kit for Ultra Cool Oil Cooler 12VDC

Light kit for Ultra Cool

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Ultra Cool Oil Cooler Target

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Ultra Cool Oil Cooler Ebay

The ultracool oil cooler kit includes a regulator mount and a black rf-1g harley davidson. The regulator mount allows you to cool your engine by adding or removing oils and oil fractions with your standard kitchen saucepan, saucepan, or slow cooker. The black rf-1g harley davidson is the perfect tool for this task. this is a dual oil cooler kit that is for the harley 17 touring. It does not seem to be an official product from harley-davidson, but we found coolersguide. Biz for about the same price. This kit includes a lower fairing mount and a kylin lower oil cooler. It's easy to just pop in your oil coolers and they look great. The regulator mount is designed to mount to the back of the dyna and the black dy-1g harley davidson dyna is designed to mount to the front of the regulator mount. This combined design provides a cool oil cooler that is built to last. The kit also includes an instruction booklet and a headlight. This kit is perfect for those who want to boost their oil coolers with a little extra cooling power.