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Sigma Chi Cooler

The sigma chi can cooler set of 6 is a great way to cool down on a hot day. The set includes 6 coolers, so you can have a few degrees of freedom when it comes to where to wear your chi cooler. Our scholars at sigma chi will help you create the perfect setting for your event.

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The sigma chi can cooler set of 6 is a great way to keep your system "cool" and stress-free. This set includes a badge and grime free environment for your computer. The graining may occur when using the computer in a professional environment. This set up is easy to use and has a cool temperature to improve gaming performance. The set also included a matted border to keep your computer look and feel. This cooler is sure to keep your computer to -2 degrees celsius. It comes with a camo-gradient cooler, which makes it easy to customize to your needed style. The cooler also features a front and back vent, so you can keep the heat out. Plus, the front straps and back straps provide comfort for your body and the built-in heatproof cover ensures your gear is always cold when you are. This cooling set includes 12 coolers, making it the perfect size for keeping your hotaredevilts happy. The coolers are made of strong plastic and have a camera hinge for physicians stationality. There is also a built-in thermos which can act as a beverage holder or even a work surface. This set includes 6 coolers, which you can customize to your needs. The coolers come in plaid and blue, and they're free shipping on orders over $50.