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Pepsi Cooler

This coolers was made in 1950s and it is a great addition to any home ecommerce store. It is made of aluminum and it is going to help you keep your profits in the economy.

Old Pepsi Cooler

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Pepsi Coolers

This coolers is perfect for keeping your drinks hot all day long! You can drink all you want, but you will get hot. The pepsi can cooler will keep your drinks warm all day long. this coolers from vintage 1950s is a great addition to any picnic or party. The vintage blue metal design is perfect for a number 2 or 4- huntington county. This chest is portable and can be placed in any or anywhere you want, making it the perfect tool for a 4th or 5th anniversary picnic. this retro pepsi cooler is a great addition to your pepsi cola ice house. It is made of aluminum and is filled with ice. The cooler has a cronstroms services logo on the front and is the perfect size for holding your snacks. this vintage pepsi cooler is a great addition to any room. It is made of plastic and is in great condition. It has a brown and green color scheme and is made with a lot of precision.