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Lga 1155 Cooler

This product is aintel e41997-002 4 pin cpu cooler that helps to reduce heat spread through your computer. This cooler also needs very low thermal data and is perfect for the lga1155 and lga1156 computers.

Lga 1155 Cpu Cooler

Introducing the gv-1155-cb, the latest in the series of chinese-made gaming cpus with a 1155 nmffff4 processor cooler. This cooler uses a novel design which is useful for keeping your cpu at a consistent temperature no matter how hot the computer is. The gv-1155-cb is also the most affordable cooler in this review, so it's a great option to consider if you're on a budget.

1155 Cpu Cooler

The new intel lga1156 lga1155 lga1150 lga1151 pwm cpu heatsink fan cooler is a great choice for those that need large warmth in their processors. This cooler allows you to get the warmth you need without the hassle of aheat sinks. The cooler also has a pwm feature so you can choose how much heat you need seen by your processors. the oem dell cpu heatsink fan stock cooler for intel lga1150 lga1151 lga1155 lga1156 is a great choice for those that want a durable and affordable cpu cooler. This cooler is perfect for use with intel processors that have a heat sink that includes a heatsink. This provides a more even temperature distribution for the processor and helps to reduce heat usage. The cooler also includes a long gold-hhhhh corporal cupola that provides a beautiful 5-stared design. this intel lga 1155 cpu cooler has a green and red (and occasionally blue) fan, which is perfect for any blue light-based gaming paulo-equipped rig. The red fan is a bit louder than the green one, but it's still quiet and would be perfect for those times when green fans just don't work. the lga1150 to lga1155socket is the perfect combination of allowed by intel and desirable features an efficient cooler with good performance and silentoperation. This cooler supports both 3. 5" and 6. 0" drives and compatible with 3. 0" systems.