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Ivation Wine Cooler

The ivation wine cooler is perfect for your fridge. This cooler has a cool to the touchroit water reservoir that keeps your wine cold for up to 34 days. The lock allows you to keep or release the conditioning process quickly and easily. The large freestandin desk is perfect for connected to your home kitchen.

Ivation Wine Cooler Walmart

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Ivation Wine Cooler Ebay

The ivation cools wine quickly and easily with its compressor technology. This wine cooler has a simple, sleek design that will make your kitchen or bedroom feel like a wine salon. The ivation also features a locked fridge compartment that makes daily wine shopping a breeze. the ivation wine cooler is a must-have for any wine lover's arsenal. With its 12 bottle compressor and security lock, this cooler is perfect for keeping wine on point, or chilling out the following night's bottles. get more wine off your wine list with this refrigerator-based wine cooler. This model has an automated refrigeration system that works to keep wine at a temperature that can keep them cold for long periods of time. The ivation wine cooler is a great option for those who want to drink wine in style, without having to go out and purchase it. This cooler is also great for uses such as home wine making, or for keeping wine at a temperature that can keep it fresh for extended periods of time. Freestanding refrigerator that takes just 2 hours to cool a flagged wine from medium to late-bottled levels. The ivation wine cooler is perfect for wine coolers or refrigerators with a large freestandin.