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Coleman Metal Coolers

This coleman metal coolers will keep you cool is metal and has a large cool to keep your gear cold. The ice chest also has a trays that can be inserted into to make quick and easy packing. The cooler also has a built in oven that will keep your gear warm. This cooler is sure to keep you chilly while you're on the go.

1977 Coleman Metal Blue Cooler Vintage Ice Chest with Insert Tray Made in USA
Vintage Coleman BROWN & TAN Metal Cooler w/ Bottle Openers & Plastic Tray Insert

Coleman Steel Belted Cooler Vintage

Vintage coleman steel belted cooler with cooling hose and organizational pamphlet. this cool cooler from coleman is a great addition to your vintage home equity. It’s a cool cooler because it is vintage coleman steel belted coolers that have been used but not used often. It has a cooling hose and an organization pamphlet. This cool cooler is a great addition to your vintage home equity.

Coleman Coolers Small

This coleman camping cooler is a great option for those who love the older style of coleman camping coolers. It is made of metal and has a green coloration and is small in size. It is perfect for small camping groups. this retro coleman cooler is a great addition to your kitchenixy. This cooler comes with a 1 gallon water thermos that is very clean. The cooler also includes a cup and a watech. This tool is a great tool for cooking and is also great for taking a cup of coffee with you on the go. This tool is also easy to clean and is great for cooking. this is a very good vintage red steel metal coleman ice chest cooler with a working latch 1979 usa read. It is in great condition with some age and some weight to it. It is made from vintage red steel metal and is made from a woodybase content that is about 1/4 in. It is about 15 in. L x 12 in. W x 8 in. This is a great item for the ancientcoleman ice chest collectors or the cooler collectors. this coleman metal cooler is a vintage 1970s accessory and is clean. It is most compatible with richardson's 1gallon metal thermos jugs which are red or white. These jugs are perfect for keeping cold drinks cold for hours on end.