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Coke Cooler

Looking for a classic coca cola drink? look no further than this cooler from the 1950s. With a durable construction, this cooler is a great choice for any coca cola lover.

1930s Coca Cola Cooler

Coca cola coolers: a coca cola introduced its first cooler 1930s: coca cola introduces its first cooler 1940: coca cola begins selling ice cream in coolers 1949: coca cola begins selling candy in coolers 1970s: coca cola begins selling food in coolers 1995: coca cola begins selling beer in coolers.

Vintage Coca Cola Cooler

This vintage coca cola cooler is a great addition to your intro to coca cola culture. This cooler also features a cool coke ice chest design. This cooler is a great addition to any event or celebration. This cooler is made of metal and is blue. It is perfect for cold drinks. The cooler has a door that can keep the drinks cold for awhile. This coca cola cooler was created by westinghouse. It is a vintage craigslistent product and is in excellent condition. It is made of aluminum and has a white paint job. It is about 60 inches in circumference and is made ofechareon fabric. When used as a cooler, it can storecoals or mechanical heaters. This coca cola drink cooler is a wonderful vintage! It is a lovely miniature plastic cooler, and is very cool! It is a small purchase, but it is alike anything to see! The salesmen'snaam is very clear and the croup is very small, you'll love the results!