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Coca Cola Cooler Values

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Coca Cola Vintage Cooler

Hey everyone! it's been a while since we've had a chance to do a full blog post. Basically, we're back to our old routine of doing all kind ofpdated blog posts but this time with a little extra something. Well, basically, we're back to our old routine and this time, we've brought some delicious coca cola vintage coolers with us! these coolers are absolutely amazing and if you're looking to buy one, please do! They're currently on sale at our store, so don't wait too long! enjoy the read and as always, the coca cola team.

1960s Coca Cola Cooler

This decades first issue of the "coca-cola cooler" was published in 1960 and featured a coca-cola can on the front cover with a coca-cola bottle on the back. The calendar was attached to a cloth bag and left at the edge of a field. The year was 1960. The cooler was a response to the " hot new world of coca-cola " and the demand for a cool drink of water to wash down with a "satisfied" feeling. The "coca-cola cooler" was created by the coca-cola company and first appeared in 1960. It was designed by r. Reynolds and built by reynolds american. this coolers is from the early 1970's and is made of metal and plastic. It is large enough to hold a few cans of coke and is with the typical coca-cola symbol and date. The coolers has a small symbol forropy and agrowler by the sides. It is in great condition and would make a great collectors item. this value guide for coca cola coolers comes from the coke can bottle sign calendar. It's a great resource for collectors who want to buy a coca cola cooler. This cooler has a value guide statuette with different features and colors. this vintage coca-cola 6 can retro personal fridge cooler is official coca-cola 6 can retro personal fridge cooler for those who love to cold drink. Theaker is a great choice for those who want to add a touch of warmth to their home. This retro cooler is made of metal and features a few small symbols from the coca-cola 6 can fridgefinale.