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Car Cooler

This cool car cooler will keep your cars at a temperature that is perfect for cold winter days. With its 7. 5l 12v electric power, this cooler will make sure your car is at a roberct temperature before long.

4L Portable Mini Fridge Car Refrigerator Cooler Makeup Drinks Food 3 Color 12V
Joytutus 110/12V AC/DC 53 Quart Portable Car Truck RV Mini Fridge Freezer Cooler
28L/29QT Portable Car Refrigerator Fridge Cooler Electric Mini Freezer Travel US

28L/29QT Portable Car Refrigerator Fridge

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20L Portable MINI Travel Car Freezer Electric Refrigerator Cooler Outdoor 12/24V

20L Portable MINI Travel Car

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Pwr+ 12V Car Charger for Igloo Thermoelectric Cooler 25121 DC Power Cord

Auto Cooler

Auto cooler for cpufire or weber gas cookers this is a great solution if you don't have a cooktop or have to cook in a cold kitchen. The auto cooler pulls down the temperature on the oven or cooktop, which helps to keep your food at a more consistent temperature.

12 Volt Cooler/warmer

This is a 12 volt cooler/warmer that is portable and can be used on the side of the home or office. It has a 50lt capacity and is black. It can be used with 12 volts or 24 volts to generate power. It is made of plastic and has a magnetic base. this car drink cooler is a great option for those who have a car. It is a cool and practical option that they can use to keep their drinks cold all day long. This cooler is a great deal on acompressor and can be used for multiple cars. The 21qt capacity means that you can get a lot of drink coolers this way, but this one is particular good for carface or large families. The 12v24vimar compression is also good for cold drinks while on the go. this 12v cooler warmer for car is perfect for those who want to keep their cars cool and comfortable. The warmer can be carried anywhere in your vehicle, and it can be attached to a mirror, door, or window. When the warmer is turned on, the air inside the car will be forced down to the level of the coldest part of the liquid, and then back up again to the top of the car. The warmer can also be used for cold weather, when the car is left outside to warm up. this 12v cooler/warmer is a great option if you're portable travel carfreezer and don't need a full electricrefrigerator. The camping 12v version can also be used oncamping, as long as it has a 12v input and is charged with battery. This cooler has a 21quardt cooler size, which is great for camping and outdoor use. The cooler has a gasoline engine and is able to filter out pollutants and bacteria. The 12v cooler is also able to control stay warm and cold in the cold weather.